Never Very or Too, only Just Enough

The Journey That is Life.


I realized it’s time to really take a look at what I envision for my life and one thing I never want are the words “very” or “too” to be part of that in terms of activity, stress and such.   What is the life I wish to create?  Here it is.

I wake up have a calm and leisurely breakfast, perhaps with my life partner, my partner in all things, my number two partner, as my number one of course, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and number two the man I share life with that I hope God grants me soon enough to be in my life.  We are truly partners, each other’s muse etc.. and we give each other inspiration for the day and I then get to communing with nature, and to my artistic endeavors with a vengeance.  We meet later for very nice leisurely lunch, some more inspiration, and I do some more communing creating.  Then a late dinner, a stroll perhaps, meeting friends, who knows and then well, use your imagination.  Weekends could be any number of things we share, activities we decide to engage in, explore and of course there is Mass.  Travels, we keep it local as much as possible, no need to go far to have fun and thrills.  The artistic, creating, we might even do it together, might even present seminars, workshops together, record together, including poetry and mix of song and poetry, even if he is an academic, who knows.  This is my ideal of what I am meditating on for my life to look like, to be shaped up to be.    I of course do hope to be involved in my heritage through the Sons and Daughters of Italy, so that will be part of my life I hope for a very long time, always. 

What I never want to have be a part of my life is very busy, too busy to where life is stressed, to where I am pulled into a million pieces, have a million obligations and can’t focus 100% or 150% on any one of them to do an exceptional job always long term, have that be golden for a long time.  I never want to be very busy, too busy that I have quantity over quality, never have that special union with that twinflame soulmate and give it a lot of time, nurturing etc…  I never want to be very or too busy, just be busy enough to create great artistic works, perform them, record them and have a great life, stress free as much as possible, and with my creative, life partner there cheering me on as I do.    This life vision is what I am meditating on and praying for.