New Year Coming, Where Will I Focus Energies?


This picture, if you put Christ at the other side of the bridge is a part of what I will be focusing on for the new year and beyond.  There are my creative juices so to speak that I also hope to expand upon, and having the space I want to have full creative flow.   Then there is the question of how?  How will I do this?

First thing is get things in order as regards my philosophy and faith, which while I respect Catholicism as part of my culture and has beautiful liturgical presentation, I am at heart more evangelical Christian.  I believe fully in the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, in some having gifts of “prophecy”, in the sense of strong intuition and insight, at times prophetic in sensing strongly what’s coming, being shown something in dreams before it happens, so you can pray, or make a different choice.  I am perhaps because of the artistic side more freestyle in my prayer approach and approach to things, but firm in core conservative Christian, biblical principles.  When I went through some stuff a few days ago and I came across my Ordination papers, certificates and church charter for Ministry of the Heart from Worldwide Christianship Ministries, from a number of years ago, I realized that I am at the core Evangelical Metaphysical Christian.  From a cultural standpoint, I appreciate the faith of my ancestors, Catholicism, but I do believe that scripture is sufficient and one’s relationship with the Trinity to live a Christian life to the best of your ability and overcome sin strongholds.  Does it take study, discerning in prayer if what is being taught as systematic theology etc… is presented in a systematic and coherent way based on for example Bibliogoly, Theology Proper etc…  Having accepted this truth of self of who I am spirituality, what do I do now?  Finding like minded persons and being part of such a community.  That’s one aspect of my life, what of the creative, having my own space, getting off of government assistance and being totally self sufficient?  The way the government has it set up, in order for me to be totally self sufficient, still be able to care for my health care needs is a bit tricky, but not impossible.  I am for example attending a music appreciation class in my coop, will also begin attending expanding intuition, and What Inspires You? regularly.  These things, continuing to write and pray for my daily bread to come forth and my efforts, Youtube, this blog and other projects are what I see as my path, the path and opportunity God has given me to grow personally, to inspire others and hopefully to earn my daily bread.