Newest Pieces and News

Northern Lights II

What is going on, what’s the latest?  for one, I recorded some new stuff including the poem I posted on here and you can listen to that and other works of mine on my Soundcloud page newest pieces will be available on iTunes and other online music stores in the next three days. I am also looking at putting together a live show for the early Fall, as I want to plan the material for spoken word well and the song part, that will be pretty much freesyle, spur of the moment, very much improv.  That’s the music end of things.  The ministry and coaching, I realize that people really have to want to move forward and be part of something and so I am going to be limiting the number of people for any future seminars, likely hosting them through zoom, limiting the seminars to 100 people and having a fixed ticket investment for each seminar.  Meantime I will create mini meditations for you, share them with you., but the more specific, specialized life coaching seminars will be handled differently.  I have been contacted by a Christian radio program about potentially being interviewed for their show on overcoming obstacles and life’s storms without losing faith, so hopefully other such opportunities come along.

Life is funny though because on the one hand there is this great clarity more and more each day, with the help of the Holy Spirit, and good stuff slowly and steadily happening, but I have now been put on a two month strict test diet to see if that helps to get my health on track and improve my fibromyalgia, and a number of my favorite foods are on the list of NO CAN HAVE, bummer.  I am still waiting for that soulmate I know is is my soulmate to find the courage to come into my life, to actually know on the door so to speak.  I know the prosperity aspect, though I have gotten another request for licensing of my music through music reports, is still not showing up in any great numbers in my coffers, but I am doing what I am doing because I love doing it and ministry in some form is what I am meant to do, is that meaning music or coaching, well, God will have to guide me.  If the music is not meant to be my path to earning my daily bread, just what I do for enjoyment and my ministry path and coaching is supposed to be my ministry and where I earn my daily break, that’s fine with me.  Doesn’t mean I have to give up the poetry, music, I can still do that, and I never have to resent God because I didn’t hit fame and fortune with it.  If I do, if I am meant to, cool, down with that, but I am also down with that not being the case.  I am learning to be quite flexible to God’s will and knowing best for me, not easy, initially, but it gets easier and you find great peace, calm.  Pray, meditate, but also allow yourself to be navigated through life’s waters by the Holy Spirit, don’t a stubborn twit.  Trust me on this, been there, done that, never turns out well when you rail your fists against God.  Some will point to the founder of Apple or such things, but what if that was their path, they got on the path very early on without even realizing that God had planned for them all along?  Just a thought, not that I would have wanted to be Steve Jobs, from the sounds of it he was great with computers, but not people, not even his own family.  I am not thrilled about this strict diet, but sometimes for the greater good, stuff has to be given up, stuff that is toxic to us, that’s life.