Newest Poem

Newest Poem

Go To Sleep Now

By Katherine Appello August 13, 2014


I sing you a sweet lullaby, a sweet lullaby

Sleep now, sleep tight, go to sleep now tonight,

As the angels take you under their wings now tonight.

God to sleep now, go to sleep now,

As I sing you a sweet lullaby.

Go to sleep now

As the angels as the angels take you now on a sweet flight tonight

And they take you to a place where there is no more pain,

So go to sleep now sweet mother,

Go to sleep now sweet sweet mother

As the angels give you flight to a place where there is no night

There is only beauty, only beauty and light.



Taking the angels’ hand, go now sweet and good heart go,

Take flight to the gates of Jerusalem, to the holy city above,

And in this holy place be with the ones whose love will forever you embrace.

Take flight and know that those you leave behind will be loved, oh so loved,

This I promise you from the bottom of my heart and my soul.


Go sleep in the arms of the angels and know this for certain.

You will not be forgotten by those in whose hearts you dwell.

They will always carry you near and dear to them be there sun or rain,

You will never fade, of this you can be certain.

Go sleep in the arms of the angels now sweet mother,

Go sleep and find freedom from your pain knowing how much you are loved.

I had a sixth sense that someone is facing a loss coming and that person is in a lot of pain and so I wrote this to their spirit and their soul.  May seem silly to some, but I do believe the spirit and soul can feel what others are thinking for them etc..  The Holy Spirit gave me this poem, and song to put out there for this person to transition.  I pray for peace for their soul and all souls, all spirits in pain emotional or otherwise.