No Interest In Solo Artist



As I look at where I will put my focus, one of them being the Alpha group at St Patrick’s Basilica, and rediscovering my roots, determined to focus on the artistic, I find myself also realizing a few things.

  • I have no problem with alone time and never want to be busy for busy sake or to run away from loneliness or life etc..
  • I love being an artistic and spiritual person, as well as a Classic Liberal Conservative and general Conservative in the truest Classical sense

I also realize the following:

  • I very much prefer it if I make my artistic path in collaboration with others, not as a solo artist or performance poet etc..
  • I love hosting and doing MC kind of stuff, lots of fun and it comes very naturally, as does speaking Italian
  • I do wear my heart on my sleeve and I like it that way do everyone, suck it up
  • Being an intuitive also means lots of frustration and disappointment because you see a range of potential in people, connections etc.. on so many levels that they don’t see or fear embracing and run from.  If you are one who doesn’t run from those connections etc. but to them, seeks to explore the creative etc… potential fully no wasting time etc..just jump right in, then you can end up with sadness, frustration and disappointment.  Others may not jump right in with things and need more time etc..
  • Being an intuitive, I have to learn to live with that, which is not easy
  • At some point and I have to know when that point is, I do have to walk away no matter how much potential I might see in a situation or a connection when there is nothing active and proactive except on one end of things

Namaste, Shalom and Amen