No Patience for the Snowflakes!

mourning us

As this campaign has unfolded and the reaction of academics, students etc…, I find myself at a loss and in mourning in a sense for my nation, not because of the election, but what it showed. 

We have Republic, not a democracy and there is a reason for that, so that big cities with big populations don’t always have all the say in political campaigns and who wins.  This is not a new process, yet you would think it had never been done and the sky was falling when the results came in.  Petitions to overturn the electoral and popular vote, both having gone to Trump, and then there were the “threats” and promises of leaving the USA if Trump won, though I don’t see all these people now packing and getting the hell out.  You had those in academia, even the faith community offer therapy with crayons, all kinds of stuff and even group hug therapy.  Exams were allowed to be skipped, classes to be ignored to go out and wreak havoc, blog ambulances, traffic, a whole bunch of nonsense taking place.  What it showed me was the death of America, near death, it being on life support, especially when mayors and governors encourage this nonsense, endorse it and even say they will not follow the law and continue to have “sanctuary” cities, taking an ordnance and now having twisted it into a crazy pretzel. 

I mostly have no patience for the snowflakes, which we find in the media, politics, youth and these snowflakes really are part of the death of a Republic that through blood, sweat and tears build an exceptional nation, a world leader.  However, with generations of over sensitive, paranoid, everything is victimization, phobia, discrimination, can’t handle the “trauma” of  a vote and the result of a normal to a nation process, I see a dim future for this nation  unless we start getting though on these snowflakes, toughen them up so they can handle not just a vote but every single zinger, thorn, storm etc… thrown at them and they won’t blink, but rather stand strong, and face it with great courage, not crayons and group hugs at every little tiny ripple in the pond.  If that is what awaits us in academia, journalism etc…, then we are doomed no matter who our POTUS  is, so it is time for all those in charge, including in academia to toughen up, get very much into Law and Order, Strict Original Intent, strong precedent Constitution, True Bill of Rights Understanding, Capitalist, Federalist, toughen yourselves up for goodness sake mode and fast, same with journalists and all those in authority, along with a good deal of spiritual wisdom to guide them on implementing all of this.  Our nation can not have generations of snowflakes and be a leader or a sovereign nation in control of itself, and also be a shinning light and leader to the world, so get moving everyone, enough with creating wusses and snowflakes!