No, You Don’t Hear Voices

When one speaks of hearing the Spirit, or the Spirit spoke to me, is that the Holy Spirit and what does that mean, the Holy Spirit of the Creator speaking to us?   Often people may feel that the Holy Spirit means you have to speak in tongues in public or it has to be very dramatic.  That is not the case.  Those who build great businesses, who invented stuff, wrote great songs etc… will say they felt prompted to do something, to meet a need in society etc..  They didn’t hear voices, feel that it was something tormenting them, no.  Even when I am in church, I get a sense of what I am meant to be doing with my life, but its not an audible voice, it’s more like I will have thoughts that are crystal clear and very importantly they never contradict scripture, or lead me in a direction that is coming from vengeance or anything like that.  Scripture speaks for example of righteous anger and if you see that for example constitutional rights for those of faith, of true biblical conviction are boing taken away, or bullied away, then anger and taking action, constructive civic action, political action guided by the Spirit is good.  It may be that you are prompted to do so that way or organize a class action suit, or if you are creative, to work on creative projects to get the point across.  Sometimes when you are carrying a unforgiveness, even of yourself for your mistakes, or childhood  baggage, which you may not even know you are carrying and you meditate, you pray, as the Holy Spirit is cleansing, clearing all that away, you may feel some pain in your chest, you may feel as if something is being pulled out of you, which you breathe through, as I have done the few times it has happened to me.  I feel perhaps prompted to write a song after, a poem or look for poems of a particular subject to create my next album.  The Spirit may prompt you to take a different road home at night, or do something different that day and boom you run into someone who will become a great part of your life.  You may find a deep friendship develops and great mutual support system.  The Spirit tis more about having “ahaha” moments, promos to create something, to mend something, stuff like that.

I have gotten the same message each time in Church during prayer, the same prompting: be my songwriter, my poet, my lawyer, my advocate.  I have no legal training, not a community organizer or anything like that.  I am a poet, songwriter, but the lawyer, advocate threw me for a loop, that instinct.  As I reflected I realized that through the arts, social media and my prompting legal and political action of a particular nature I was being a lawyer and advocate for Scriptural truth.  I didn’t to be in a courtroom or have a lawyer’s degree etc..  When the Spirit prompts certain ideas, meditate on it and ask what steps you should take etc..  The Creator is not some distant something, He is an active force in life and in the universe, so connect, ask, feel, be prompted, ask some more.  I hope we all are able to connect and move through life guided by the Holy Spirit of the Creator

Shalom and Amen