Not About Forgetting

Letting go is not always easy and we may thing that letting go means forgetting, forgetting about the lessons learned, or even letting go of people, memories.  That’s not true.  

I can remember a love that rocked my world, even if it was one hell of a roller coaster, and in part due to my immaturity.  I can remember my childhood as messed up as it might have been caught between my dad and my mom as they battled it out, and remember the good times with my dad, with may Nana like one evening when she had gotten a cake for my upcoming birthday and along with my cousins we sang Italian songs, she did and we sang with her.  I can remember the good times and I can also remember how strong I had to be when at 9 years old mom decided she needed to get me away from all the drama and we went abroad, no notice to my dad, we just left, the rug was taken out beneath me once again.  I can remember the good times, can let go of the what if of the situations, and retain the lessons learned that helped me to form my life perspective etc…  It’s important to hold on to the positive memories and at the same time let go of the toxic negative feelings, memories, not let them rule your present, and your future.  Meditation, in different forms, prayer, which is meditation when done contemplatively is also meditation.  Gardening listening to classical music with your eyes closed and let everything go is also meditation.  We can remember the good stuff, remember lessons learned, constructive ones hopefully and move forward, but we have to have the intention to do so.  Intention is a big part of things, as is gratitude for what you have, even as you strive to succeed with your gifts, talents and improve your life in any way.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen