NOT About the Weapon

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

Whether it’s Orlando or any other incident of violence, the focus is always on the weapon, which is asinine, for one simple reason.  

Weapons are simply tools, just like the planes on 9/11 became tools of death, just like a car smashed into a store become a tool of destruction, a frying pan in a moment of rage becomes a tool of death.  The list goes on and on.  Anything and everything is a tool for death and destruction when you have at the core mental illness, or an ideology that teaches death to infidels to any group that deviates from the rules of that ideology.  If the focus is on the tools of destruction rather than the root of the destruction, the bullying, the radical ideology, and I am not talking about overall Christian, Jewish, or even moderate Muslim ideology that says there is a natural order of marriage and sexuality that is accepted under God’s creation, that the sin is not to be commended , but the sinner is to be loved as a creation of God, even if they have deviated from the natural order of nature for whatever root cause.  I am talking about documented mental illness, sustained bullying, cyber bullying, ideology that says put “deviants and infidels” to death, jail them, that kind of ideology.  Unless one addresses and focuses on that and shifting of that, rather than the tools used for destruction, nothing will change because when someone wants to cause harm, it won’t matter that you take away guns, they will use other tools, so what will you do?  Will you ban use of and manufacturing of knifes?  What if they then decide to use hammers, will you ban all manufacturing of hammers?  Again the list goes on and on.  

One bent on destruction will find a way to do so.  Notice also that all the targets of terrorists and attackers were gun free zones because they knew no one could defend themselves, so this is not wisdom, to disarm a population.  Does this mean we should not make every provision to ensure those on terror lists do not get arms, or criminals don’t?  No, but even those lists are not reliable and we have to make sure we get much better at compiling those lists immediately and create a non politically correct society so people do speak out when they see something suspicious.  Stricter controls on guns, to where you have a totally disarmed citizenry, a society where the morale of law enforcement is to the ground, where law enforcement has their hands tied due to PC is insane and dangerous.  Time we stopped blaming the tools used for destruction and dealt with the root of destruction, whatever that root is, including the destruction of the spiritual fabric of society.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen