Valentine Day can be a day of joy, but also for some lonely time as they miss those gone, or go into a place of regret for love lost. We are not ever alone, not really.  If we can meditate on beautiful memories, on the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, beauty of nature, we are not alone.  If we feel we don’t want to sit at home all alone, who says we have to.  Even being in a cafe, with a good book, and appreciating our connection to each other in a general sense can be a great valentine.  I had surgery Tuesday, and am still a bit sore, not a day for me to be taking long walks or anything, but I can still find good memories to accompany me on this day dedicated to love.  That is a choice I can make.  I can choose to be down about not having a “romantic partner” and all that, be miserable, or find good memories and appreciate the good people in my life.  It’s a choice and I choose the second option.  I hope for anyone who might feel down about this Day of Love, that you love yourself first because if you can’t love yourself, can’t expect anyone else to. 

Happy Valentine and God Bless