Now To Make a Living With It

fruit tree

Big picture, did my first “gig” just me and the piano man, was awesome, loved it, have the gifts to do solo gigs and shows, love music ministry, all good, love my faith, all good, but there is debt to pay off, and time’s a wastin, so now comes the tough part. What’s that?

Well, going from planting to the  harvesting.  The trees now have fruit and the fruit is ready to be harvested, but question is how do I harvest the fruit for my daily bread in a way that I earn my daily bread not throw away good harvest?  I know I have the ability, gifts to be an inprov artist, singer, and I am a talented poet, songwriter, so It is a matter of figuring out the best way to set up my own gigs, where to se them up, how often to have the shows and then promote.  This is going to be an interesting journey, and finding clarity for this journey is important so this particular prayer is an important one in my journey and in all our journeys of life.