NY Be Part of Restoring America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.


This is more than just about an Article V Convention of States, but about holding legislators accountable.  It is about getting us back to the original intent of our Constitution, not to draft a new one, replace the current one and the true opportunity for all Capitalist Federalist Limited Government Democratic Republic.  It is something that people spilled blood for, sweat and blood for, sacrificed so much for, so we could have a nation not of tyranny, of monarchy of cronyism, elitism, and they knew we could make it even more of a perfect union of a Capitalist Federalist Limited Government Democratic Republic, so long as it was a government held fully accountable feet to fire by We The People, not just a small group, but all of We The People.

Please, support us with your time, with learning about the Convention of States, being part of this locally, nationally.  If you can help to make NY one of the States that adopts an Article V Convention of State.  NYC, my city come on board.  I ask this as a fellow New Yorker and Media Liaison for the COS Project.

Thank You