Objective Truth, Faith etc…

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I grew up Catholic and though I have never been very religious per se, I would have had certain tenets of faith if you want to call them that, even without religion, objective truths. That is crucial to a society, to living, having core objective truths, unchangeable by the whims of time and society.  

Me, I stand by the object truths of the church’s teachings on sexuality, sexual identity, definition of marriage.  I do so because I truly do believe in a natural order that the creator, also a core truth, a creator of the universe etc.., set up and any deviation from that is outside the natural order.  If you have only subjective truth, and there is no real objective truth, then why would NAMBLA or those who say, let’s have 10 wives, okay to screw with kids, not be right, if there is no objective truth?  Objective truth in any number of aspects is important.  Does that mean that you then have the right to violence if people don’t live up to those truths?  NO, never, no way.  Those truths matter, and I am glad the the Catholic Church has stood firm on them, while still seeking to have everyone be a part of the church .  It can not change core truths, must not become like the secular world or society.  Having put forth core truths, does that mean one ought to stay in a miserable union that is killing your spirit, soul, even making you ill because maybe it was one made out of obligation at a time when if certain things happened, you had to get married, or is with the wrong person, but you were very young and didn’t realize it was big mistake.  Should you both stay miserable, the kids see you miserable, getting sick etc…, or if there is abuse, even verbal, psychological?  No, no way I believe God would want that for his children.  There are times when a union should, has to come to an end for the good of all.  Like I said, I believe in having a union that is with one’s true soulmate etc…, and if you and the other person are miserable, have been for a long while, nothing has been able to shift it, then staying is not wisdom.  The nature of that union man and woman, sexuality being beautiful sacred, all of that, I am realizing more and more how important it is.  One of the reasons I think I always felt I would marry later in life, is because I wanted my marriage to be a one time deal, truly forever, and I knew I would need to be at a certain point in life to appreciate it, maybe to be with someone who did.   Even a company, business has to create a handbook, a guide that gives objective norms for that company to run smoothly, to be a sound structure in the long term, so objective truths are important for society, for life, not to say that, so objective truth is quite important for self, for society.

For this reason, I am glad the Catholic Church stays true to core truths, doesn’t shift, but also tries to balance that with empathy and understanding that we are not perfect and life happens, stuff happens.  I am realizing how important core truths are, while still having the ability to accept that life is not perfect and stuff does happen and you have to adapt, but you don’t change core truths of sexuality, definition of marriage, certain core stuff.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen