Obligated As You Are Manipulated

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

The Comey decision, which was a clear violation of law, since a felony was committed, but somehow he got manipulated into stupid and obligation of loyalty to Clinton rather than the Constitution.   Even decisions people make in ordinary life to take on jobs they really don’t want to take on artistically, or agree to attend events, family events etc… they really don’t want to attend, and think “I’d rather have my tooth pulled without Novocain, than go to that family event”, but end up doing it all anyway.  

Often the reason we cave is because we allow ourselves to be guilted into stuff, to be manipulated.  No one can truly make or obligate unless we allow manipulation to take place.  For example, for Comey to have made the decision he made, he had to allow himself to be manipulated, same for Lynch, same for all who worked for Hillary, everyone around her had to be allowed, has to allowed to be manipulated to be able to work for her, do her crap bidding, cave and break the law, etc…., even for her husband to stay married to her considering her personality and her to stay married to him, considering he is what he is.    Even in terms of artistic projects, we can moan and groan about careers no moving, or having to do stuff we really don’t want to do, being obligated etc… , even not be able to be with who we truly want to be, but in the end, if we are not living the life we want, communicating with who we want, interacting day to day with who we want, leaving behind misery, allowing people to guilt us into staying in misery or engage in misery on any level, even for a weekend, it’s no use pointing the finger at them.  The choices are always down to us, always and we can always make different choices, modified choices etc….  True, sometimes there is initial hell to pay, but so what, pay it.  Maybe initially there will be discomfort, so what, be uncomfortable, that’s how you grow.    Life is about choices, growing, that is what it’s all about and often that means growing pains, not fun, but you suck it up and you breathe deep, jump off the cliff and pray for the opening of the parachute, trusting God will make sure it opens.  Of course you also have a decent plan along side, but you make choices, don’t get make choices based on anyone laying guilt trips on you and move forward with life. You live and speak from the heart, especially if you are an artist, a big lesson I have learned and been inpired to live by.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen