On the Edge, But Standing


There you stand, teetering, on the edge,

Red, the color of fire, of passion, on the edge,

Yet you stand, you do not fall,

But how, what keeps you there standing though on the edge?

I don’t know about you, but I do know about me.

It is faith that keeps me standing and not going over the edge, 

Even when my body feels broken, faith moves me forward.

My firm belief in what I believe, seeking to align to truth,

The truth of God and Country each and every day.


When I saw this piece, i thought of my life,  journey of faith, of fibromyalgia and now oye, menopause.  It seems that at different times because of life circumstances, my choices, impulsive choices, feeling I wasn’t enough, I had to prove something I found myself like this piece here, on the edge, yet still standing, my faith unwavering.  Life is like that sometimes, we can be on the edge, even of a realization, realization that we have to let go, move on because others have, even if we care about them and they are in our hearts still.  This piece represents life, where we can be at the edge of breakthroughs, realizations, and tough situations that test our resolve etc.., but we can still be left standing and strong with reflection, faith, meditation, prayer, and wisdom.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen