Once Again Faith Kept It Together For Me


I went for my next to last IV Vitamin infusion today, one of a series of six in three weeks, after having done a series of three already a few weeks back.  Today, the girl was distracted and not paying attention to which needle she was using for the IV or the amount of pressure on the IV.  OY!  There i am waiting for the thing to finish and waiting and waiting, my back started to hurt, my neck, and with my IBS, my bladder was screaming and was in great discomfort.  I will also have to get sonograms done abdomen and pelvic, so water and full bladder, not fun.  Yet, in the midst of the pain, and all that I was totally at peace with it all, wasn’t angry at anyone about it, was hungry so I rushed home, didn’t pick up my meds at the pharmacy, or run errands I needed to, but will have to tomorrow.  What kept it together for me today and remembering that my eyesight seems to be a bit worse than the last time I saw the doc, just slightly, upcoming appointments, the pain I was experiencing? Faith, faith in knowing that all of the heavens were accompanying me, and that they would be not matter what twists and turns life takes me through. 

Doesn’t mean I was not annoyed by what happened today, that the fibromyalgia doesn’t frustrate me in that it limits my activities, it does, but the faith is greater that the frustration, and so I am able to stay in peace and also think about what is my next blog piece going to be about?  What is the next song I want to write and record/  Stuff like that.  That is a beautiful thing and the beauty of faith, of a spiritual anchor, being connected to the Trinity, to a positive spiritual anchor.

Shalom and Amen