One of The Hardest Things

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Loss of someone who has passed away is chaotic internally and also externally in some ways.  When I saw this quote, I thought of relationships that end, where one person walk away or you have to walk away, but there is still love there, even if you might no longer be in love, but you still love them.  If you are a child who was caught up in the grown ups such situation and the parent is not passed away, but for whatever reason they are not in your life, but you know they are very much alive, that kind of grief in these kinds of situations is a bit different.  If the parent is dealing with mental health or addiction issues or the partner is, any of these situations, it is as if the person has died in a way, has gone away, even though they are not passed away.  It is often like being in a state of suspended animation.  This is also true when a parent walks out on the family, and then after a short while all contact is lost or ceases.  The child knows the parent is alive, that other relatives are alive, but they are not there, sharing life with them.  

What do you do?  This poem, the title and the overall gist of it says it well, Miss Me, But Let Me Go.  It’s okay to mourn the relationship that could have been, but never was, for a bit, to cry for it, hurt for it, rage about it with tears, but then let it go, release it.  Give it a burial of sorts, with forgiveness, build friendships, new life.  Miss them, but let them and what could have been, let it go for your sake, and even theirs.  Pray for all to work out to the greater good, let the heavens take care of the rest.

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