One Woman Show-The Plan

One Woman Show

When you don’t have a lot of money to pour into ads and to buy radio time to do a whole bunch of advertising what do you do to promote your stuff? Well you can just sit and pray all day and expect to do all the work and blame him when nothing happens, or others if nothing happens, make others responsible for your life and whether it is successful or not.  That’s one option, and one I don’t really go for, not really a big fan of.  Do I believe in meditation, prayer and contemplation to be guided by God, the Holy Spirit? Oh YEAH.  However, that’s only a part of it. The other part of it is get off your tukkus and do the work, take responsibility for your life, your attitudes etc…, including your own  stupid in life, then get over it, don’t repeat if, hopefully.

Since I don’t have the funds for a publicist and all that, I have decided to mount a One Woman Show, contact venues to see about their hosting it and to join poetry organizations and send press releases to literary journals myself in the NY/NJ area about the event.  I will read some of the poetry and sing some of the poetry.  I will including copies of the book, a brochure and a signed photo with the price of the ticket.  I will ask my friend to come and take photos to post on the blog and perhaps then the event can be shared with the media. Often  you have to create your own miracles, with inspiration from God.  God will give you the inspiration for the miracle, but then you have to go out their and implement the plan for the miracle to happen.  That is what I plan on doing.

Shalom and Amen