Only One Keeping You Miserable Is You

Victim Society

It’s amazing how between politicians and religions humanity have been turned into a victim society.  Ohhh poor me, and if I am unhappy it’s down to someone  else, nothing to do with my choices, my action or lack of action, my decision or indecision etc… nooooooo.  It’s always someone else that I can point the finger to for why I am not living a blissful contented life, whether it’s my boss, my job, my spouse, the wrong spouse I’m with, the government for not giving me something, or everything whatever, always someone else.  God forbid I should look at how my choices, decision, actions or lack of, or my attitudes, mindset etc… are responsible for my being unhappy, how my own fears are the reason why my life is miserable, unhappy, messed up.  That we wont do, but why?

If we were to honestly look at our fears, confront them etc… then we would have to be courageous and actually make changes to our lives, go for gold be happy, and even adhere to the natural order in nature and God’s plan if we had deviated from that in our sexuality or any way shape or form.  We would have to all face our deepest fears, love totally fearlessly, unconditionally without expectation of being loved in return,  honor all life as IMAGO DEI, and really change as a society as a whole, and we’d likely have to simplify the whole premise of spirituality and understand God and even Christ in a whole new way, redemption etc.. in a whole new way.  I don’t image the whole of humanity would have the guts to do that.  As it is how many of us can truly love unconditionally, fearlessly even if in the end we might get hurt, then pick ourselves up and love again without being guarded forever after that?  How many  stay in unhappy situations for years with partners that they are no longer in love with, that they feel obligated to, loving someone else, but too scared of getting hurt to embrace that truth, that love for fear of being hurt? They have made themselves victims of that fear, that fear of getting hurt.  I have had to confront my own fears, in terms of my intuitive gifts, being an artist, and succeeding what that would mean and my fear of loving completely and letting go.   There’s been a lot I had to confront, but once I did, it was wonderful, liberating and still is as I continue to confront any fears as they arise.  There are some things that I wish others would confront in regards to my relationship with them, their fears in regards to my relationship with them, but I can’t force them to talk to be about it, confront it, all I can do is pray to Elohim, and ask for major angelic assistance that they will and it will all resolve beautifully, or I move on.  All I can do.

Then there is the fear that government creates based on race and all that crap, telling people that they can’t make it on their own, that they are incapable of solving any problems society has without government money, so the government has to take more and more taxes, create more and more laws etc… because the people are just too dumb etc… to solve anything in society themselves.  You know what we have created that kind of society and made that a reality, a self fulfilling prophecy so to speak and now the government keeps feeding it and we keep falling for it. Not to say that there isn’t a need for assistance.  I have Dyasutonomia (Fibromyalgia/CFS), so any fixed schedule and regular employment at this point is impossible so the SSDI was necessary, and after having worked since I was in high school it was hard accepting that.  However, I took my artistic gifts and now working on seeing how I can turn that into a viable future.  I refuse to be a ward of the state so to speak or a victim in any sense. 

I have realized that whether I stand or fall, whether I love or hate, am happy or unhappy, open my heart, or close it, stay stuck in past hurts, or forgive that and fully embrace the future and love with courage, joy etc.. is totally up to me, and that though Elohim and all the archangels and angels want me happy, and to help me be happy, the choice ultimately to be so or not is mine to make.  I can wallow in the past and self-pity, keep a chip on my shoulder about crap that happened, which I wont do since it’s pointless and not very spiritually mature, close my heart to love and life, stay in sad and unhappy situations in life, stuck and blah, or actually live a happy, joyful amazing life filled with love, passion, and so much more.  Guess which I choose and it’s not the first one.  I have grown a lot in the past few years and in realizing who I am, including my spirituality I have gained a strength and courage that I never thought I would.

Shalom and Amen