Only Takes One Person To Snuff It Out

a dark room

Situations can present such great potential and start out that way, and seem like a great place where lots can get accomplished and talents flourish, everyone grow and the institution flourish. You go in with lots of enthusiasm and hope, lots of light, lots of joy.  What happens?

What happens is you run into a wall, run into lack of fluid communication, coordinated effort, lack of coordinated planning, run into one person who doesn’t communicate, doesn’t think long range planning, strategic planning, very strategic planning, with creativity as just a small part of the mix and overall plan.  You run into a wall, someone who can’t see how to plant both the forrest and the trees.  You find yourself in situations that are tricky, frustrating send your blood pressure up, your spirits down and you find the joy sucked out of it all.  You don’t care about the projects, you may even start to not care about the organization itself, which is the saddest part if that happens.  You hate to throw the baby out with the bath water because other people there, you enjoy their company, but there is a certain respect, lack fluid communication etc… that makes things draining in interacting with a particular person there and so you face a dilemma. If it’s a paid p

You can have an all out confrontation with the person, dependent on the circumstances of the situation, project etc…,and clear the air in a calm, adult, rational way.  Explain the situation and what you need to see happen for you to continue collaborating etc…If you feel they are too set in their ways, too stubborn, too whatever, won’t listen, or just don’t care what you say and will keep being uncommunicative etc…, there is no point to even bother talking to them, if you truly feel that, and if talking to anyone else in the organization is not an option, if it’s not where you are stuck and have the option to walk away, then that may be your best option if you are going to be continually aggravated etc… and your health suffer because of their inability to collaborate, communicate fluidly, etc…. Be prayerful about it, and then decide once and for all how to proceed, stick with it.