Open, but Not One On One?

The Journey That is Life.


It has dawned on me that for some, and in particular the creative leaning, there is a comfort, yet on another, no.  What do I mean by that?

Connecting with music, songs, poetry, an audience is one thing, but for a lot of us on the creative, even spiritual side, connecting and really opening up one on one, totally wearing your heart on your sleeve, being you, no holding back etc… can be quite scary and some close off, literally will shut down and live life like robots, going through the motions, but not really connecting deeply at a full heart, soul etc.. level with any one individual.  I have a sense that is the case with someone I know.  They have gotten so much more open in terms of the audience, really gotten more loose in their performance etc.., which has brought out some great stuff.  However, I sense that there is resistance to sharing what they have written, their original works, their intimate poetry etc… with an audience yet.  I also get the sense that though there is a connection, strong one which they are aware of on a number of levels, due to his closing out of a chapter he needs to close out I thought he is staying at bay.  Yes, that is part of it, but I realized, there is more to it than that.  

One on one connections are scary for some of us because when you enter that courtyard, the mask has to come off.  You can’t really fake anything, and all your pain, your stuff it’s there, not something you can really hide, especially if you are with an intuitive and someone who meditates, cultivates her intuitive gifts.  You are entering a zone where the masks, all of that has to come off and you have to show yourself, if the relationship, friendship etc.. is going to really work, as is, good, not so good, literally be able to get to a point of bearing your soul, your heart to the other no holding back, no masks, which is something I think my wonderful artistic connection might be so used to being shut down that they are not sure how to make that connection, that open heart etc… connection.  I understand that, and I don’t want to scare them or anything like that.  I know they have such potential to open their heart etc.. and the result of that artistically for them and on so many levels, wow.  I really do feel an amazing and wonderful connection to this person, one that is really beautiful, in Agape Love, has this great electricity, but in a way that is how can I explain, pure, beautiful.   How can they get as comfy one on one as they have begun to be in a group setting with me?  How can anyone get comfy with One on One?  

In this case, I would say to my artistic connection, start with events, making me a part of that somehow with them.  They can decide to do a first original works show and have us work on it together, let me help with that, look at places, and spend time getting to know each other as friends, colleagues. Then maybe attend cultural events, start with events and things like that together,  to get ideas for future shows to put together.  Start with a cup of coffee and discussion over a project of your original works.  I understand one on one can be scary, but remember we have nothing to fear but fear itself.  The best way to deal with any fear of one on one connecting, just connect.   It can start an amazing and wonderful journey.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen