Opportunity Knocking

We often chase opportunity and it eludes us, but sometimes when we just let go and trust God, opportunity comes to us.  I did an interview for Business Talk Radio and today I get a call that I am being given the opportunity to be a co-host, create a whole new show around coaching and the arts. What I need now are people who believe in me, in what I am doing, that I make a difference in their lives and serve as sponsors for this show, contributing.  The goal is to have me have 5 shows, segments and the investment is $500 per show.  If those shows go well, and corporate and such like how well the show does, then they will invest in the show for the rest of the year.  The Good Lord brought me this opportunity, so I have to have faith that He will provide for this as well, will provide those who believe in me, this blog, the coaching, in what I do.  I will be giving recognition on air to those who support the show by investing in it.  Now, I pray and trust.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen