Original of Carols


At this time, carols is one of the staples of it.  Do you know the meaning and origin of the Christmas Carol?  

The word carol, comes from the Greek and means a dance, usually in a circle, accompanied by flute or such an instrument, and it originated in Italy, something I only just found out from a booklet on Catholic Customs I found on my shelf I had forgotten I had.  It became a staple and regular part of the season. St. Francis and the Franciscans gave us several of the Season traditions, and the Christmas carol is one of them.  Catholic carols tend to be more on the spiritual side, lots of choral pieces with that touch of solemnity.  The gifts, family gathering, all lovely, but the core of Christmas is the gift of Jesus willingly giving of himself, to bring about a reconciliation with God, to teach us to be open to the will of God for us, pray and discern.  God never abandoned him, and when he yells out why have you abandoned me, he is most likely seeing that most of his disciples were nowhere to be seen or found and that must have hurt him deeply, after all, he was human, as much as he was anointed an divine.  God resurrected him and like other figures was taken up full body to be beside the Father, the Creator, who brought about this world and all things in it by His thoughts and Words.  The words we have to celebrate and acknowledge this season is of course the Gospel, and also the carols.  Two beautiful gifts.

There are a number of food traditions also for the season.  I would have probably been able to pass down the traditions if my mom, bless her soul. were not a perfectionist, and wanted everything done exactly her way and perfect the first time around.  Life doesn’t work that way of course, but she is who she is.  Any cooking traditions I will have to learn strictly on my own, which is kind of sad.  There are traditions I can implement starting next year, such as the Easter Candle, Advent Wreath, other traditions and as for the food, that will probably have to wait until I have my own space that I can do a lot of experimenting in with the traditional holiday recopies, which I will have to find online at that point.  Still, I will somehow learn the food traditions, how to make them at some point, soon I hope, having I hope my own space, something I am praying and meditating on.    

This delving into the roots of the faith I realize now is my journey, part of it, as is understanding the faith, how it developed, the core theology of it, understanding it’s birth from Judaism to Christianity.  That means learning, studying, discerning, but it is a journey worth making. There are traditions that have been handed down generations that I want to look into and understand. from the faith and heritage, as fully as possible.  I look forward to it.