Origins Matter, So Here’s One

St. Nichols

Origin matters, and heritage matters.  As a Christian and in general I think that while Santa is a lovely thing for kids, it’s important kids, we all know the origin of this jolly, giving legend who looks at who is naughty and nice.  In earlier times any naughty child would be taught a lesson and coal left rather than a treat, which I am in favor of, for children who really don’t get the concept of respect your elders and behave like a person, not like a banshee, or such.   Kids need good role models, and while I am do not pray to Mary or Saints, am more in tune with affirmations and just having a regular chat with God, Jesus, Holy Spirit during the day, I think the saints, some of them, can offer examples of letting go, of not being attached to the material so much, of moving past obstacles with tenacity and faith.  I hope this link on the life of this Bishop is inspiring and you might share it with the kids in your family. 

Namaste, Shalom, and Amen