Our Greatest Story


I came across something that caught my eye as I reflected on my own life.  It said that one’s greatest story is not failing, but in failing and rising.  I have often beaten myself up for not doing years ago what I am doing now, for not focusing on the artistic and writing/ministering.  However, even if let’s say only the music pans out, or only the writing, coaching, ministering works out, doesn’t matter what works out and what ends up failing.  I was focusing so much on that, beating myself up for where I had “failed”, but I hadn’t not really, what I had done is taken a lot of winding roads, back roads, made detours along the way to get here.  Sometime in life you don’t get to your destination at all if it is not what God appointed and anointed for you, or when you do get there, if it’s not the appointed path, it’s not at all what you expected and you walk away anyway.  Sometimes even if you are not a person of faith, you will have that inner compass that God has put in you to know what you are meant to do, problem with not having a spiritual and faith base then it’s all about the stuff, the goal, and the next goal, keeping up with being great, all that rather than it being about showing the amazing gifts given by the Lord and glorifying the Creator through those gifts, so you can become like a robot, operating on pure materialism and profit.  Not to say we should not rejoice when we are blessed with prosperity and all that, that we should not give alms and tithes, we should, but when we are not focused on what we want to accomplish, we can be more attune to healthy priorities, discovering our anointed path early on and wisely following it.  If that doesn’t happen due to life’s baggage that maybe started with childhood or any other number of reason, once we do get on track, beating ourselves up for screwing up, doing so constantly serves no one, least of all those you could be impacting.  You also don’t have the ability to reflect some and learn from the errors, but if you do some reflection when things get too heavy, as  you ask the Lord, “help”  simple as that, “help Lord, carrying all this baggage and it’s too heavy, so help, take it from me and help me please”.  Who knows what changes might happen, might not be overnight, but just that simple prayer can do a lot for our peace, and when we have our peace, we can then go into wellness and rather than beating ourselves up, move forward to what we are supposed to do and do it well, honoring healthy priorities and our creator, as well as the gifts, talents given to us.