Palm Sunday and A World Gone Amok

mourning us

The world around us gone to hell in a breadbasket, adults not very grown up and mature, a bunch of whiney give me give me, gotta be in the spotlight so let me destroy stuff and play the victim all the time adults running the world stage and show.  People trying to “find themselves” at all ages etc…

When Jesus was on that donkey, all those palms laid out before him and he looked out at that crowd, wonder if he was looking at the future, what he was giving his life for? I wonder if he was looking to the future and thinking “Father, you gotta be kidding me, seriously, this is what I am offering up my life for, oy!”  No I am not being sarcastic, nor trying to be funny.  I am being serious as I watch the world before me play out stupid upon stupid, upon stupid whether in politics, in academia, in people’s own self, sometimes even looking back at my own self.  I then have to marvel at the fact that Jesus seeing, knowing the level of stupid we would get to, of depravity, the deviation from the natural state of things we would be inclined to go in time, still gave his life to save us, for God to not look up our sins, rather on his sacrifice of atonement.  Does that mean we can go out there and do what we want because Jesus atoned, no, let’s not go back to stupid, okay.  However, as I have passed through the Lenten season, the Holy Spirit has given me lots of reflection and part of the reflection is that the world is in chaos because there is no honoring of boundaries, of any kind, not historical in terms of Israel and her right to the land, not personal, not national border boundaries, not any boundaries, not even self respect boundaries, law and order boundaries.  There are also no boundaries in academia of academics understanding their place to simply teach facts, and then get students to critically look at those facts as relates to society in general and their own lives, to be objective, yes to care about the subject, but not ever interject their own crap opinion into it.  That goes for administration also.  Centers of learning are to be about learning academics and general intercommunication skills and such, not about let’s all embrace the gay family and gay marriage etc..  When you take away boundaries, including honoring the Constitution, Bill of Rights and with clear personal responsibility, when the government does not make it clear we will not interfere with religious freedom of conscience barring breaking of federal laws in terms of their being violence and such, then we have a problem, lack of boundaries, same with state government.  Recently VP Pence was mocked for his stance on not dining or dancing with anyone but his wife.  Again, he sets strict boundaries to protect his marriage, but is mocked?  Why?  Then, excuse me, but Bill Clinton, or even Hillary Clinton, or let’s say the Kennedy family to try and be any kind of a barometer for marital standards is a joke.  After all, it’s perfectly noble to stay married, go to church or if your Jewish Temple, but screw around left and right, be in love with someone else, but don’t divorce, cause hey not noble, a sin. Excuse me if hypocrisy doesn’t qualify you to speak on certain subjects.  Boundaries is one main issue that has to be dealt with and self discipline.  

You also have this victim and just give the fish away, which doesn’t help anyone. Recently Ben Carson discovered a financial mess at HUD, millions of wasted money and other crap.  If we look at other government programs, and agencies the hundreds of billions will be probably jaw dropping and most likely we will see a cycle of generations stuck in the same situation, not a lot of change and help having really happened.  Part of the problem is that government and often even non profits have this one size fits all approach to things, even when they have programs of welfare to work kind of thing, not tailored to the person, their hidden gifts and talents, their hopes and dreams.  Society, those who are trying to “help” including politicians who need a dependent voter to to use them as a crutch never really teach anyone to fish, only give the fish and keep giving fish.  This is hurting our society globally.   Not sure how we change it, as it is not so ingrained, but this has to change big time, so does our victim, give me, give me, give me, I am entitled you all owe me, life owes me, everyone owes me, mentality.  No no one owes you anything, not even God, but he gave freely to you, so did Jesus, but no one owes you or me a dammed thing!