Palm Sunday Into Easter, Anything To Glean?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

We had the Garden where Jesus was shown what was coming and the agony he went through, the struggle within, momentary hesitation, but then accepting to willingly give his life so we could have life.  

He knew ultimately the outcome would be glorious, and he would be seated at the right hand of the Father, all the governance of the world upon him, the ultimate CEO.  Talk about inheriting the family business, one heck of a load to inherit. He starts off with Palm Sunday, riding on the donkey, glorious, pretty great start to the CEO’s entry into the fray, but then it takes a harsh turn, soon you have false testimony against him, abandonment by those closest to him, except for mom and John, even Peter denies him three times, they wager on his clothes, mock him every which way to Sunday as they say, it’s brutal beyond words, going from that glorious donkey ride into town, palms laid out for you, waved for you, to that.  Remember a glorious resurrection and ascension is coming, but it was not going happen without a lot of sweat, blood and tears, hiccups and all that jazz.  Some might say that he saw what was coming, so should have prepared him, well, a weather person can give you all the visuals of a storm, earthquake etc… try and prepare you they want, but when that earthquake hits, that devastating storm hits, still hell.  We can see all the red flags etc.. that something is coming our way, but until it hits, we may not move out of the way, know what I mean.   As for Christ, his gift, for it to be appreciated and truly paid attention to it couldn’t come on a breeze, a wing and a prayer, too easy.  It took a lot of of prayer, wrestling, struggling within, all of that stuff to get from Palms to Resurrection and Ascension.  However, he had a clear goal, set goal and he did not waiver, it was singular, very clear, solid and he though he had perhaps moments of fear, he never let that fear overtake him.  Granted he was the Christ, the Word Made Flesh, Son Of God, but in his human incarnation he had all the anxieties etc.. any human has when faced with crap, abandonment when you most need people to be there.  Again, he was unique, had a unique mission as the Word Made Flesh, but he still was human in that incarnation and had human emotions, anxieties, fears.  The point is, more than one and here they are.

  • Vision, Goals and Focus Matter, Crucial, Critical!!!
  • Get one, Set them, Get focused, Move Your Tukkus!!
  • There will be crap along the way, even people who don’t have it together, clueless as to the need for Vision, Goals, Focus
  • Life Happens, constructively deal with it
  • God will help, but likely you have the tools etc.. if you Get One, Set Them, Get Focused, like yesterday!
  • Never let fear rule anything, you rule it always, never the other way around
  • Know that there is resurrection, redemption, even if you mess up along the way
  • Main thing is prayerfully determine Vision, Goals, Focus and move on it, them, focus, laser sharp
  • Remember butterflies that flutter here there everywhere are lovely for nature, not for succeeding in life or in love either for that matter

You thought the Bible was a boring book? Says who?