Paradise in the Journey of Thorns

Peaceful Retreat.jpg

I got my blood test results back and the results were thorns.  My thyroid was high, and all my vitamin and iron counts, low.  In addition my doctor expressed concerns about cysts in the pelvic and abdominal area, so change in thyroid meds, vitamin IV infusion twice a week for three weeks, and sonograms.   Thorns, and more thorns, yet I find myself totally at peace, no anxiety, no anger about the constant crashing of the waves of fibromyalgia against my being.  None of that, simply, do what you have to do to take care of things, keep working towards your goals.  What am I doing in that respect?  I am following instinct, rather what the Holy Spirit guides me to do.

I researched online, found music submission sites, to submit my music to blogs and radio stations, dj’s, so I am getting the music, stuff out there.  I will do that consistently.  This blog, well I will keep creating these meditation style pieces for you.  I will keep seeking to find ways to inspire so on and so forth, and if you wish to support those efforts and donate I hope you do.  I will promote this blog on radio and as guided by Holy Spirit at the right time, do live events, and I hope that will be soon.  I understand that the plan of the Creator for my life is ministry, and now I am fully ready to be guided as to what that looks like.  It is a beautiful place, a place of peace, beauty, fibro thorns and all.