Parent First and Foremost

In this PC culture let’s start out with Parent advisory 101, you are not their BFF, their Buddy, the cool one, not your job.  Not to say they should feel they can come to you when they have problem and feel safe doing so, or that you won’t guide them through difficult times.  Parents have become so fearful of not being liked by their kids or their kids getting upset and all kinds of stuff that they don’t even try to set boundaries, or discipline and it really is an abdication of responsibility.  Yes, be there for them, but also be the guide, coach, the one who sets firm boundaries and teaches them by example also what it means to be a responsible adult, not a snowflake, but a strong, and able to think critically, engage critically adult.  That is the role and duty of a parent, not to the the coolest one on the block and to be liked by their kid all the time. That’s not parenting.  Your kids won’t like you all the time, you won’t like them all the time, not at all.  You won’t agree with what they do all the time, and they won’t agree with your decisions for them all the time.  Well, welcome to life and parenting, suck it up people, suck it up, embrace it and suck it up.  Pray, Meditate, work out once or twice a week take brisk walks to walk off the steam, but suck it up.  Namaste, Shalom and Amen