Parenting a Toddler – Optimization Tips

Parenting is an amazing journey.  As I think back to what my mom had to navigate, as a single mom after the divorce, and in general parents navigating their parenting journey, it’s pretty amazing.  For new mom’s there is naturally anxiety, which we all have entering new situations.  Often sleep and feedings are something that can be tricky, in part because one might feel anxious and guilty if one doesn’t immediately rush to pick up the child immediately and always when they cry,  which by way is a good way to start on the “spoil your kid wagon”.   Give the baby a chance to stop crying, then go check, see if they need a diaper change etc.., if they don’t and are still balling like cray, then you might want to call the doc.  Running and immediately picking him or her up every time he or she cries is not healthy for the baby.  Sometimes in life we just need to cry for a minute.  Anyway,  I am sharing this chart, and if there any new parents out there, hopefully this will help.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen