Parshah Deuteronomy 31:1-31:30

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

Reading this Parsha now from a Jewish perspective of Torah I have come to a wonderful revelation and am confirming my sense of what Jesus really was seeking to accomplish along with the other disciples that Paul really messed up on, which led into a whole bunch of now idolatry, denominations etc.., stuff that Jesus would not even recognize. 

What stood out to me?  What stood out was the fact that Moses was given the Mitzvah to share the Torah with all people every seven years, to make sure that all knew that there was only One God, not a Trinity, NO, One God, One Sacred Text to understand God, Torah and of course Pentateuch, to be share with all.  Why is that important?  That tells me that the grafting of the tree of Jessie, the coming together was for the world to come together under the tree of Judaism.  Then one can ask, what kind of Judaism and being a part of the Town and Village Synaogue, Conservative Judaism, Moderate Judaism and really reflecting on what Jesus did and taught, it reinforces that Jesus was trying to bring Judaism from rigid Orthodox to Moderate Conservative.  In the Conservative though there is an honoring of the basic tenets of the commandments etc…, there is also a seeking to understand, heart, and women are given rabbinical roles and there is a sense of truly meeting people where they are and embracing them, while still seeking to maintain the core principles of the faith.  There is great emphasis on forgiveness, on adapting to the changing world, but not losing one’s core tenets and identity in the process, finding that balance.  Torah is honored, but it is not a heavy weight that strangles or chokes, at least not at Town and Village Temple in Manhattan.   There is even effort to work with a representative from Israel to bridge the gap between Israeli Jews and those in the diaspora, between the orthodox community in Israel and the diaspora in our community in NYC.   The fact that Moses entrusted that the sharing of the Torah should continue, that sharing with all means that Judaism should be shared as God’s truth with all the world, for the world to be repaired.  Jesus did try, so did Peter, James the brother of Jesus, all those original followers of Jesus did try to spread Conservative Judaism, the One God and One God Only Adonai and his precepts with the people.  I hope that continues, that Conservative Judaism can not only survive, but expand exponentially in all the world and I can help be a part of that.


Shalom and Amen