Part II Healthy Mind to Deal With Chronic Issues

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When you are suffering from chronic diseases your mental health will degrade automatically. However, both mental and physical health are interconnected and mental health can be boost through physical health. Thus it is very important for you to pay attention to both your mental and physical health for a healthier lifestyle.

Chronic conditions come in all shapes and sizes and some are more serious than others. Some are life threatening but some are not. Many people who have chronic conditions even more than one function quite well and enjoy a good quality of life. Other people are impaired and markedly debilitated by their diseases. Some of it has to do with how you manage your life and your disease.

If you were recently diagnosed with a condition that requires medication or some lifestyle changes, stick with the recommendations of doctors. First of all, you will try to reject it and do not own it or wish it away. You wish to put it aside and continue to live the way you were living. But you have to realize that you need to live your life with or without the serious medical condition at the end. These will help you to develop an outstanding mental health if you are suffering from chronic health issues.

First of all plan a diet using Healthy Diet Pyramid to make healthier foods for the meal. Avoid fats foods and processed foods. Always follow the concept of clean eating with natural vegetable and fruits.

Secondly resting very important. It will help prevent unnecessary straining or injuries to muscles. Make sure you get enough sleep so that you will be ready to tackle new challenges the next day.

Surely create a regular workout routine for yourself. It can be jogging, swimming, or cycling. Try different types of exercises for variety and also for the different benefits that it can bring. Get your friends to join in some group sports, such as badminton, basketball or tennis. This will help you to reduce your stress levels and to get the company of others.

It is also to try to participate social gatherings like parties, weddings and social meetings, this will help you to experience a change in your sedentary lifestyle.

Finally, it is important to participate your religious activities. This will help you to increase your mental wellbeing.