Part of My Heritage, But Not Who I Am?


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and love my Italian heritage, but, yes there is a but in there.  I have tried to be part of the Roman Catholic faith, but every instinct in me says, no who you are and what makes sense is biblically accurate Evangelical Protestant,Athanasian Creed and 39 Articles of Faith.  I understand that we all have a different calling in this life, that salvation comes strictly through Christ. What does that mean for me? What is at the core of this?

It comes down to how one understands one of the most important moments in the Gospels, the moment when it is revealed to Peter by the Holy Spirit who Jesus is, and Jesus’s response about the Rock.  What is that Rock, is it Peter, the Rock that can’t be penetrated by Satan?  What is the rock upon which Christ would build His Church?  As prayed and read that whole scene over and over, it became clear to me anyway that the Rock was the truth revealed to Peter, that truth, along with the holistic truth of the bible, which can be found in the Athanasian Creed quite nicely.  How does does that affect my life and how I interact with my quite liberal Roman Catholic and community of people I’m connected to?  It’s a balancing act because my mom is 93, so I don’t want to have a family rift or division.  On the other hand, I believe in the natural law and order of things as God intended, as well as standing by that truth no matter what.  How I stand by it is the part that can be tricky, not getting riled up when I am told I am on the wrong side of things.  I am now realizing the best thing to say is something to the effect of “I am a conservative evangelical and I’ll always be.”  I just have to keep responding in that way, firmly, keeping calm, and that is true of everyone I interact with that is RC.  What of my daily life?  I enjoy saying the Anglican Rosary, helps me focus and calm myself, same with certain prayers from the Book of Common Prayer, and hymns that uplift and teach me, inspire me in my faith and in all things.  It gives me a sense of peace, of calm, the ability to think through stuff with clarity and objective truth guidelines.  Ritual is not a bad thing, and the RC faith has some beautiful stuff going on, but if I can not embrace the theology in full, then I would be hypocritical to be part of it on a day to day basis.  As I said I can appreciate it as my heritage, which I should and do, but in terms of theology, day to day living, prayers etc… I am truly Non Denominational Evangelical Christian, and with a very clear sense of what I need to understand more in depth of, to live the faith and spiritual path more fully.  I will always appreciate the heritage of my ancestors, but faith wise I can not follow it.  I must be true to God and Biblical truth as the Holy Spirit guides me to be.