Partner in Creativity etc..What Does He Look Like?



We’ve heart the phrase “Make beautiful music together” and I love that phrase.  The Holy Spirit has really had me work overtime in terms of looking at my life, my spiritual path etc.. this Lenten Season.  One thing that he is having me look at is key partnership, that one special once in a lifetime partnership that bring forth creativity on many levels to one’s life..

Today as I was walking home and passed by St. Paul’s chapel, the Holy Spirit have me a revelation.  I always had this fixed idea that my life and creative partner had to be an artist, one who was leaning their life vocation in that direction.  Today as I passed that chapel, the Holy Spirit reminded me of my time teaching, of my blogging and times spent with my cousin’s kids answering questions and doing do in a way that was not too grown up, but not too child like and condescending, how that was creative.  I realized my creative partner and life partner, my life partner and creative partner rolled up into one as i have always prayed for may not be an artist.  It may be a teacher, a life coach, and I have to be aware of that and that creativity comes in many forms.  The Holy Spirit prompted me to ask myself what do I want from a creative partner etc…? I guess it really comes down to the following.  I would like someone to share in helping bring my artistic vision to life, and that includes any workshop, seminar ideas I might have, someone to share in the Catholic faith, to be a true partner and help bring my ideas, even his to life, including within the Catholic community, so that the faith flourishes and I also our daily bread is earned while we also give Glory to the Lord.  It would be a relationship where that we can be totally open and honest and even when we call each other out on our flaws, annoy the hell out of each other, we still love each, care about each other at the end of the day, have each others back, inspire each other on many levels, including creativity, whatever that means to each of us. It would be someone who has purged themselves of toxic baggage and is focused with their path, the journey and the destination, we both have ditched our toxic emotional etc.. baggage and have total focus on our journey and destination vocationally, spiritually etc.. as a real team.   If the creative life long partner God gives me is an artist, cool, but if it’s a teacher, life coach, well, okay, his will be done.  I just know I want a partner in the creative realm that is very focused, can share the Catholic faith, heritage with me, explore it, including, especially via the arts, and be a real equal partner creatively, spiritually, on all levels.  I also hope to have others in my life that I can work with that have their own levels of creativity, again whether they are artists or in another profession, so long as they are creative and have focus, are not scattered doing a million things, fine with me. Creativity the Holy Spirit is helping me understand is not just about the arts, much more than that, so I look forward to seeing who my creative partner, very focused life long creative partner will be.