Partnerships, Ready For That

The Journey That is Life.

Partnering, Blending, Collaborating, Compliment and Synergy, two halves coming together to form the whole, whether it is for the arts, my path as a life coach/minister, advocate for Israel, even life long companion and sacred union.  

For the longest time I thought partnership meant losing me, having to way of living my dreams, my gifts etc…, and I had a lot of baggage from childhood, so I really couldn’t envision being anyone’s equal partner and all that in any way.  Now I want to do things in partnership, whether it is the arts, life coaching and ministry, advocating for Israel, and I want to have that special someone in my life to share all of it with, an equal, not someone I am going to be a substitute mother for, or teacher for, not that one doesn’t learn from everyone, but I mainly want someone who has learned a lot of their life lessons, isn’t a whiner, can really make things happen, we can make things happen together, be a real team.  I want to have partnerships in the arts in certain music genres that my music seems to move in, so I am going to be looking to move in that direction, same with the coaching, find partnerships to bring in clients later on when I am ready to start that path.  As for my soulmate, life companion,  I am certain there are at least one or two out there that fit the bill, though there might be some things to discuss etc.., but it’s okay, life is a journey of navigation, and one learns how to navigate.  No partnership is perfect, all sweet and sugar all the time, personal or otherwise, but when there is real caring, foundation of friendship, common goals you can get past it, and when you are good in your own skin etc…you can get though any disagreements and be fine.  

I really look forward to partnership and collaboration in life, solid ones, ones that will be based on solid friendship etc.. in all spheres of life, where everyone grows as a person throughout the journey.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen