Passover, Journey and Lessons

Freedom of Conscience, basic freedoms are the right of all human beings.  Freedom, freedom to express one’s views, be able to debate passionately are not automatic as we see from totalitarian regimes is not automatic.  We need to realize that, be appreciative of the basic freedoms we do have.  When I think of Moses, freedom of the Jewish people, I think of the journey, a long journey to get to the land of milk and honey, a journey their humanity made way longer than necessary due to complaining, etc..   Also, is freedom truly about doing what you want, when you want just because you want to do that thing?  Is freedom truly about just doing what you have to do to be happy regardless of how it impacts others?  Is that true freedom, true peace, that the goal of life’s journey, to be a jerk?  Something to think about.  Not to say we shouldn’t find loy and peace in life, lasting kind, and that should be the journey, the goal, things that are lasting.  There are some loves that even if you are never able to come together with that person as you wish, that love stays with you forever.  Freedom to learn from that, to carry that in a way of beautiful memories, that is freedom, not be paralyzed by that memory, but nourished even as you move on and forward is freedom. Something to think about.

Freedom, reaching that land of milk and honey, freedom to think, debate, but also the wisdom to honor the teachings of Scripture is can be quite a long one.  On the other hand if from a very young age critical thinking is taught, the ability to debate, to appreciate basic freedoms, then maybe the lessons of Passover can live on beyond Moses, beyond Torah.