Happiness, Tips For the Journey PII


What other habits do successful and happy people share?  Patience and Ritual, not obsessive or religious necessarily.  Let’s start with patience.  We are an instant gratification society, so when working on a goal we can easily lose patience with even ourselves, with those collaborating with us on our goals, with everything around us.  We can lose patience so very easily and sabotage it all.  I am not saying don’t set some kind of realistic timeline, but some amount of flexibility is necessary, adapting to things that can occur outside our control.  The other thing that happy successful people have in common is life affirming rituals, starting the day with a ritual that gives you a positive outlook, affirmations, mediation, even if just for five mutes, prayer, something positive, a healthy breakfast along with gratitude for the new day and life affirming ritual at the end of the day.  Me I start and end my day with meditation, one I created of affirmations and thanks.  Stabilizing rituals for the heart, spirit and soul are important, even monthly rituals of taking stock of finances, things that put you on solid ground.  In the beginning you may not stick to it and it may take a while before it does become routine to be patient and have these life affirming rituals, but it does make a difference.  Whatever grounding something you can find at the beginning and ending of the day and ways you can find to bring yourself to a center of patience, even reading proverbs about patience when you feel you are going to lose it in any given moment, will help you on your path of success.