Happiness Tips for the Journey PIII





Often we are so busy rushing through the day we don’t even realize what is going on in our heart, spirit and soul, what negative input we have received or even given ourself.  We don’t realize the self sabotage that may be going on, or even that we have been idiots in how we have acted towards others taking out our frustrations on them.  It’s important to in the day to pause, step back and make sure you are in a good place in how you are thinking, acting and reacting in your world.  It’s about being paranoid, but as they say stopping and smelling the roses, seeing also if you don’t have way more thorns than rose buds.  If you do, well that’s not good, not good at all.  When we have a lot of thorns then what, once we see that?  Some get stuck on the thorns, sit on them and let the thorns pierce and create infection.  That’s called avoidance and not healthy.  What do you do?  Pause, and rather than focus on the problems, the thorns, take time to meditate and focus instead on really good solutions where it’s a win -win for everyone you included, as much as is possible.  You focus not on blame so much as solution, resolution.  You don’t sit there like a snowflake wallowing in self pity, blaming everyone and everything for your ikky day and life.  That solves nothing, and frankly is asinine, does you no good nor anyone else any good.  These two steps along with the previous ones I covered are part of the path to overall success and happiness, to moving forward.

Shalom and Amen