Intuition and Patience

The Journey That is Life.

Often when we get a gut feeling or if one is highly intuitive with certain gifts of the spirit if you like,  the hardest thing to master is patience.  This is something I have had to work on, master myself, though of course some things you have to have sense to know when to walk away and not wait around indefinitely.  

However, I have learned that along with my strong intuition, mainly on target intuition, patience has to accompany that along with further meditation and patience at times.  I have had for a while a vision of me at the keyboard, which I have at home a portable one, singing and creating music, song.  I have had a strong intuition of not only the arts as part of my life, but also coaching.  I had the artistic call for a good part of my life, but something had to trigger it, had to really trigger it all at the right time, and that happened when I connected at psychic etc.. level with a fellow artist, and I can clearly envision a partnership, creative teamwork , get that gut feeling strongly, and about this person, things he would like to do as an artist but has held back from doing.  The impatient me would be frustrated to no end that I still don’t have my own space to totally break out as an artist as I envision, feel in my gut I can, should, and also that this connection has not grown, moved further along as I envision it, feel it has the potential to on a number of levels.  However, I have learned that I need to focus on what I can do to move things along in my own realm and meditate, envision this that I feel in my gut for this connection, to encourage this person, and be patient that he has a process to complete before he puts his own stuff out there, and does his own material, indie productions with that material, all of that.  When we get an instinct, a vision in meditating and prayer, sometimes we need to then ask what do we need to to to get to that, bring that to reality.  There may be a series of thing we need to first to on our end for ourselves, grow a little ourselves, and the other person/s may also have stuff that they have to finish sorting out.  Granted, waiting indefinitely, is not really a wise option, but trying to force something right away just because you have a strong intuition about it is also not wise.  I am going to do all I can to get to a point of where I can have that space I have seen in meditating I can have, and as for that connection with lots of potential, I can only encourage, meditate and part of that is meditating for them to overcome any obstacles they need to so that should they wish to also collaborate, they can do so free and clear soon.  When we try to jump the gun or push something before the ripened time, it will not last for the long run and I would hate to have that happen with this connection, with my journey as an artist etc… While I understand that most of what I have felt in my gut, and received in my dreams has been on target literally or symbolically, I am learning patience, and solid probing, not over analyzing, but some probing after the initial gut feeling etc.. through some further prayer, meditation is not a bad idea.  If I feel something very strongly, as I do about my path as an artist and coach and that connection having a lot of potential for growth, development on a number of levels, then I know I have to stay calm, and keep that in my meditation, be guided along the path as it unfolds, hopefully it will unfold in a very timely manner, and not take an indefinite amount of time to come to fruition, but being overly anxious, and wanting it all when I want it doesn’t do me any good.  I have to trust that it is going to unfold beautifully, wonderfully and I am just going to keep meditating, praying, trusting my intuition regarding this connection, the potential and hope the other person is on the same page, and will move on things soon.  

As hard as it has been for me, I have had to learn to put intuition and patience together.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen