Patience Is…?

Patience Meant to Prepare.jpg

In this era of instant gratification, patience is indeed a virtue, one that is getting lost, one I must confess I have had a hard time with in my own life.  It is easy to become bitter, discouraged, give up on the path you are called to, but if you look at scripture, God never promises a quick resolution to anything, nor does He promise the shortest road, nor one without rocks that cause stumbling along the way.  There also another aspect to patience training, and strengthening our spiritual selves during the process of creating, building up etc.., the ability to overcome sin strongholds, to be released from destructive, self destructive patterns, if we allow the Holy Spirit to help you and all the heavenly hosts through meditation on scripture, even poetry of a spiritual nature to encourage and guide.  If we are carrying loads of baggage, if we are wound up in destructive or self destructive patterns for God to give you perhaps that which we ask would be like a parent giving a drunk teen the keys to the car, none too smart.  It could be that what we are asking for would also be the equivalent, that what we are asking for is the opposite of what the Creator and the heavens know is the best thing for us, the actual right thing for us, overall or at that time.  Honestly, I realize now that if God had given me anything in terms of a career of success in the arts or even in ministry before I could really unload a lot of my baggage, no way it would have turned out well, no way.  When you are seeking your path, seek it through sacred guidance, and then listen to that guidance, actually listen, don’t be a rebel, stiff neck child, won’t turn out well.   I know I have been there and it did not turn well for me, doing things without sacred guidance, by the seat of my pants, with just my own notion of things and my stubborn sense of this is what I want, and that’s that.  Also, when you do have a sense of something, even a Word of Knowledge about your path, doesn’t mean it is supposed to happen right there and then, it just means that’s your path, so you then need to ask how to prepare, what is the path to get to that destination, then move forward.  For example my plan was I would have my music recorded and then after a few pieces were done, send them to record labels, but Holy Spirit was clear, no, radio airplay and music blogs, not seeking a songwriter deal with a record label.  I knew I was supposed to do the arts as ministry, but the how and all that, my plan seems not to agree with God’s, so after many years of being stiff neck, I am going God’s way, focusing on radio airplay and music blogs.  Remember when it seems things are taking a bit too long, or you realize you need to change course because God’s wisdom is greater than yours.God's Way.jpg