Peace, Whose Peace?

Peace I Leave You.jpg

Notice all these organizations dedicated to Peace that have come up in the world, and how everyone seems to seek peace.  People seem to seek peace in stuff, in having lots of money, in having the perfect relationship, all these things, but yet peace seems to escape us.  Even those who seem to have riches and seemingly perfect relationships, where’s the everlasting peace? When Jesus talks of peace that is not the kind the world gives, he is right.  The world gives temporary peace, flesh peace, but no lasting peace of the heart, spirit and soul.  Try something for me.  Focused on the person of Christ, clear boundaries in life and listening to this music somewhere quiet for at least 15 minutes a day for a week, see how you feel.  See what happens, make the time at the beginning, the end of the day, middle of the day, go by instinct.  We can aim for all the fame and wealth etc.. in the world, none of that will bring us true and lasting peace, none of it, especially not if it was achieved unethically.