Perception vs Perspective

Often we can confuse the two.  Perception is how we internalize or understand situations etc…to be, what feelings that situation etc…triggers.  We may perceive hostility from someone, think they are angry with me, that I did something, etc… and it may or may not be accurate.  They may be having a really bad day, stuff going on in their lives that has them frustrated, etc…Their actions etc.. towards us may take us back to moments in time in our childhood, youth that have us interpreting their actions, attitude as them being hostile.  That may not be the case at all.  Perception of a person, relationship etc… can be influenced by our life experiences positive and negative.  Perspective, that comes through the values I live by, perhaps faith, or studies in philosophy and such.  It’s important we understand the difference and maybe if we do, we won’t be always taken to the past and react like a wounded child etc…I hope we will really study this chart and see how it applies to our lives, our daily lives.