Perfect, or Perfect for You?

Baptism of Fire

When we think of a career, friendship and even a life partner, we can often create this list of requirements and often it can be based on what others deem as perfect or what we have come to perceive as perfect. Good luck with that.  

Are you supposed to settle for a crappy, even toxic, unhappy, void, empty as a dark hole career etc..? No, but perfect, well how do you define perfect? Who defines perfect in regards to your life? I realize that now even for my own life.  It’s not about perfect, not at all.  It’s about perfect for me, perfect, happy, healthy, peacefully sublime, sweet, and a few other things, perfect for me.  In my spiritual path, my Italian-Catholic heritage and a Classic Liberal Conservative Worldview are perfect for me.  As for my career, vocation, that is tied into my faith and that anchor which is my faith, so being coordinator of music for the church and volunteering for the church feels like a perfect fit.  Do I also hope to find an outlet to supplement my SSDI, of course I do and I hope it is within the realm of the artistic, that past seeds sown render fruit and that I am inspired to plant now that will bring fruit, and still be manageable in regards to the fibromyalgia. To honor my path, my fit, it needs to be music and ministry, that’s my fit, my perfect fit and community.   I have found my home, my groove, life is good.  What about in terms of someone to share my life with?  It would be nice to have that, no doubt. The person I want to share my life with is someone who will be doing what I am doing, being part of the church, and have an artistic streak and we will be a great team, compliment and synergy, and it will be truly sweet, that is the word I envision for my life partner and I, our union, sweet, very sweet, kind, yet we also challenge each other to be better people in the faith, to grow with God, with the faith.  It will be someone who is not perfect because I sure as hell am far from perfect, but he will be perfect for me.  It will be a healthy relationship for both of us, that is the most important thing.

Perfect, perfect for me.