Personal Musings


I realized I have not really been writing songs and poems like I used to, and I had to wonder why, why oh why?  Had I lost faith, faith in God, in existence of God? No.  What of my faith, what of my view of God, of Christ, of Yeshua, where was all that at? 

Last night I was watching the history channel and they spoke of skulls that had been found that had a percentage of DNA that was not human, not identifiable, about 15 human species found up to now, 7 Modern humanoid species, wow.   Archaeology also found one of the first temples to be created excavated in Egypt, very very very old.  I thought about how Kabbalah talks of the Source, Metaphysics also and how Unity, even Judaism to some extent looks at the Bible from a prototype, metaphorical etc… viewpoint, along with elements of history and sociology and about the 12  Universal and 21 Sub-Laws governing the functioning of the universe, something I will getting more in depth about in June, the whole month as I relate to my day to day life and what I observe.  I had to wonder where I am on my journey of faith, of life, what am I so tired of?  Yes the fibromyalgia, the health issues yes, they tire me out, sure. I realized it was deeper than that, as philosopher and intuitive it was deeper, so what’s up?  The tired I realize is tired of humanity, the tired humanity is feeling of all the divisions of the different religious groups, of the political groups, of class warfare, racial warfare and those with special interests pitting us one against the other.  That is the tired I am feeling and I don’t want to feel it anymore.  If humanity is going to get on the right path, includes respect for all life, the unborn, for borders, national security, all of it, it won’t it by continuing to identify by race, by religious groups and subgroups.  Maybe that is why I have not been able to bring myself to be part of any particular faith group.  Maybe it’s time to truly learn how the Creator thinks, “feels” looking at these 12 Universal Laws and 21 Sub-Laws, and authentic Kabbalah, no astrology or occult stuff, none of that, just science, including of the mind, spirit, of the heart. Maybe that is what I am looking for, that kind of a faith group, but have not yet found one like that, which operates purely that way and is not afraid to tell people, capitalism is not a bad thing, sustainable capitalism and eco-capitalism are good things, don’t fear aspiring to succeed, prosper etc.., so long as you do so for all the right reasons, never out of greed, or purely for profit.  The other thing that came to me was how science makes God and Spirituality seem like the enemy and vice versa when they are and are perfect partners, are perfect synergy, collaborators.  It’s fanatical religion whether fanatic militant atheist religion or any other militant religious stance, group that you have a problem.  If we acknowledged a God who is ever present, is the spark to all things, but not a mico-manager and obsessive stalker and controller, collaborative in all creative processes, but like a parent giving a level of autonomy to all, then we have a perfect synergy of God and Science.  That I think is where I am at, have been at for a while, maybe why Judaism and Kabbalah are what I am drawn to. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen