Personality Type -8

The Reformer, Idealist, we encounter them in the youth of today and even yesterday, until the reality of life sinks in.  The Reformer, Idealist wants to be in the right, to strive to move higher and higher in their ideals, to  improve everything.  These improvements, they need to consistent with their ideals, so they are beyond criticism and not condemned by others.  For them it is important to overcome moral and ethical adversities above all things as they strive to improve things, make things better for others, society.  For the Reformer, Advocate, Idealist, it’s important to be useful, to be of some kind of impact on the world, even if just their immediate environment.  It’s in a sense their mission, their sense of self and identity.  They are very passionate and firm often in their views, not easily moved if at all, so they can be seen as rigid, to self controlled, or on the opposite end too passionate, to zealous in regards to their mission.  They can be at times very passionate and unyielding, I know this from personal experience, from being me.  We have clear vision of how the world would look if it operated on certain core principles etc.. and we are not going to budge easily from that, and yes we can be stubborn as hell in digging our heels and that is that!  We also love a good debate, good discussion, and to be useful, so if we are given a voice, a platform and can express our views, our vision for things, not that I am saying that what we propose should all be implemented, but for those of us who feel we have a mission to make this world better through the arts or some other way, it’s important we be guided on doing so in a way that is constructive, so engaging us in healthy debate, being the example of it can go a long way and also validating that we have every right to have our opinion even if it is not agreed with.  Amen


The Problem with Idealism.