Personality Types 5 & 6

The Loyalist, also the defender and buddy is quite reliable, loyal to ideas, system, people, and will go down with the ship.  At the same time, they also question these same ideas, systems etc.. they are loyal to, feel it is perfectly reasonable to do so, even while being quite loyal to those same people, ideas, systems.  This can seem quite a paradox, but it is not.  I am a firm Conservative, a Republican, no changing that, but I call out my Party all the time and people in it, will call them out as Pimps and Prostitutes to special interests, activists and such.  No paradox to being loyal to the Republic and the Party, but questioning those within the Party.  There is also a tendency of Loyalists to fight much more fiercely for one’s beliefs, family, community, faith than even one’s self.  On the downside, there can be a constant fear of abandonment and anti-authoritarianism, rebellion towards authority, bureaucracy.   When properly channeled, this can mean that if current structures are not beneficial, loyalists will create new ones or work internally with a warrior spirit to reform from within.  If this is all not properly channeled, well you might have anarchists on your hands. Engaging a loyalist in good discussion and good critical thinking debate early on in life is important and helping them develop a good discerning spirit and soul.  Then you have the enthusiast, also the entertainer, but also known to be a realist.  Their basic need is to be satisfied in life and content, to not be in pain or deprived of what they want. They can be like “kids in a candy store” wide-eyed, always in anticipation of all the good things they might experience. They can be bold to pursue what they want in life with a cheerful determination. They have a quality that is a kind of brash “nerviness.”  There is this concern that they will miss out on stuff, on life, and they may try to keep themselves entertained to avoid facing pain and problems.  On the flip side, you can end up with a perfectionist, or someone who is gluttonous, scattered. 

Like every personality, there is always a flip side, but if we understand that and know which personality we are interacting with, that can make the interaction smoother.  I hope this provides some inspiration.