Planning For “Twilight” Years, Morbid?

The Journey That is Life.

Life and youth are not forever and so as I near that point of age 55, and my mom 93, her health starts to take twists and turns, I find myself thinking about what happens when she is gone.  For any number of reasons I remain single and so there are kids ore grandkids, thus my planning is exclusively down to me and my finances etc…

In doing so that means I have to face up to some stuff, some truths.  I have to face up to financial truths good and not so good.  I have to face up to any sadness about time and opportunity wasted in my life, not so great choices, how my life baggage and fibromyalgia isolated me, so now there are no circle of friends nearby.  With this journey of organizing my twilight years as they say, comes facing a few truths that I may not like, may make me sad, but running away won’t solve anything or change what is.  I can only face things as they are and work on thing in the here and now for a better tomorrow.  How do I do that?  There are a few things I can do.  I can continue working on what I am doing improving my finances, and at the same time doing what I love which is writing and the arts.  Do I wish I had realizing my path and vocation sooner, done much better with my finances? Do I wish the fibromyalgia had been figured out sooner and I could have focused on being an artist, life coach/minister a lot sooner in my life?  Yes, of course, but that didn’t happen and so all I can do is work on the here and now for the future to be a good one.  I pray for the wisdom, creativity etc… to stay the course at all times.  I also have started looking into 55 plus communities and I thought about it and did I want to stay in the City, in NY and I thought, yes I do want to stay in NY, but maybe not the City, maybe in my twilight years go somewhere close to the city, still NY, but where you have fresher air.  I have a list of affordable places and I can start touring them once I reach 55 and this way when my mom passes, I can be ready.  Planning for the twilight years is not a bad thing and facing truths can be a bit sad etc.. but maturity is a bout doing just that.