Poems That Caught My Eye

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Poems That Caught My Eye


Ever The Same Again

Ever the same again,
My lost Truth rediscovered.
Ever the same again.

Ever the same again,
My forgotten Self remembered.
Ever the same again.

Ever the same again,
My lost Goal regained.
Ever the same again.


The Greatest Gift of All by Michael Levy

My sight is a gift I cherish
it allows me to read the wisdom of the wise
but should I lose my sight
I will still be able to hear
compositions of great masters
and the voice of the wise
If I should lose my hearing
I will still be able to tune into universal intelligence
to understand the source of the wisdom of the wise
When the day comes
that I lose my heart
that will be my greatest gift of all
for then
I will be back home
in the arms of the Spirit
I have embraced all my life.


As we near the days of Yom Kippur to bring to completion the days of awe, I look back and look at where I was and where I am.  I look at the inner walls I had and how they have crumbled.  I look at how I have clarity in terms of the difference between legalistic religiosity and true spirituality, even in relationships.  I have clarity on my identity in Christ, and my path being that of an artist.  I also understand that I love passionately etc.. and that though I may have no choice after this Yom Kippur to move on from a very deep, profound connection, the source of all love Elohim is always with me loving me, and there for me. 

Does it make me sad that I may very well have to move on forever from this connection, and know that I will likely never truly love like this again in my life? Yes, of course.  However, I have to be kind enough to myself not to want pain, sadness etc… and be able to move on and know that no matter what I will be okay.  These poems remind me that no matter what happens I am connected to the supreme source of creation, of love, wisdom and I will be okay, no matter what happens in life.

Shalom and Amen