Poetry Samples From Mosaic=Pro-Life

Pro-life Poems – Samples

Hey Mom

Don’t you know,

I’m already dreaming

Of being held by you.

And who knows,

What more our future holds.

Hey mom,

Don’t you know,

I can feel your pain and mine,

All this,

While I’m still inside of you.


Mankind kills its’ young, butchered and maims them like ferocious savages.

Does so in the name of women’s rights, progress, and personal ambitions,

Even population control,

Bogus excuses everywhere.

It mocks sacred union of one man and one woman,

And it’s anything goes.

Twist scripture; maim it, to suit your sinful self and desires,

All kinds of modern crap.

They turn their backs on the Message of the Cross.

Merciful and patient yet is Hashem.

The first poem I wrote thinking of the child in the womb and what might he or she say to the parent, what would he or she be feeling.  If you don’t value a child from conception, and marriage as intended by the Lord, the what will you value in society, nothing.  We see it each and every day as our society deteriorates and anything goes with “morals are relative” philosophy.  

The second one I wrote looking at the world around me the mass abortions, war, all of it and pour out what the Holy Spirit moved me to pour out, as in all my poetry and works.