Poetry Samples Mosaic -Dysautonomia


Today may bring me smiles and joys,

But it may also bring me tears and sighs.

Though this valley of life,

There is no way to know,

From one day,

One moment, to the next

I do know where my courage and strength lie,

where to turn to.

The precious redeemer,

my armor in the storm.


There are days when the fog is go heavy,

I can barely think through the day.

There are days when it seems knives

are being thrown at me every which way,

but I wont lay down and die.

Maybe it’s karma coming back to get its’ due,

I don’t really know.

I do know I have to stand tall

and fight through the darkness to the light.


These poems reflect my roller coaster journey of Dysautonomia daily.  The first one reflects daily how I never know when I wake up what the day is going to be, whether I will feel exhausted because I haven’t slept for two or three days, barely slept etc… who knows.

The second one reflects one of a number of horrible nights of pain, intense pain etc.. where I literally thought I wasn’t going to make it through because of the pain, nausea etc… and prayer got me through it.  Dysautonomia can be quite devastating and without faith, a good anchor totally pull you under and drown you.